Carmella’s House offers places in our Specialist Day Care and Early Years Education Centre throughout the calendar year. There are fun and diverse daily activities and play opportunities for young children.

If you have a child with complex health needs and/or disability that can't access early years education because of a lack of skilled educators and clinical support staff, you are very welcome at Carmella’s House, where we will provide 1:1 support in a safe, welcoming and nurturing environment.  For your convenience, if applicable, we will also enrol any siblings.

Carmella’s House offers children who regularly attend Day Centre daily therapies and rehabilitation programs supported by our in-house OTs, physiotherapists and SALTs.

We also have a RN on site to ensure safe supervision and specialist nursing care for technology-dependent children with complex health conditions, including children who are ventilator and tracheostomy dependent.

All Abilities Day Care and Early Years Education Program