​At Carmella’s House we are committed to providing our clients with a choice of services and levels of care to fit their unique requirements, free of charge. Carmella’s House gives children and their families a choice about the level of service, psychological support, respite and degree of involvement they receive from a wide range of healthcare professionals and allied health professionals in order to maximise the child’s physical and mental potential, improve their quality of life and wellbeing and give the main caregiver time to rest in order to support the whole family and take care of siblings. 

Our values reflect and demonstrate how we aim to deliver these promises to the children, families and young people that we support, as well as to all of our supporters, donors and colleagues. These values include:

·         People focus: demonstrating respect, professionalism, fair play

          and exemplary skills by working together.
·         Openness: open communications that reflect clarity,

          transparency, honesty and trust.
·         Pride: displaying loyalty, passion, shared goals, aspiration and

·         Ambition: striving to be the very best by developing innovative

          and diverse services.
·         Resourcefulness: recognising skills, being adaptable, seizing

          opportunities and spending money wisely.

 Our Values   

  One song can spark a moment,
  One flower can wake the dream
  One tree can start a forest,
  One bird can herald spring.

  One smile begins a friendship,
  One handclasp lifts a soul.
  One star can guide a ship at sea,
  One word can frame the goal

  One vote can change a nation,
  One sunbeam lights a room
  One candle wipes out darkness,
  One laugh will conquer gloom.

  One step must start each journey.
  One word must start each prayer.
  One hope will raise our spirits,
  One touch can show you care.

  One voice can speak with wisdom,
  One heart can know what’s true,

   One life can make a difference,
  You see, it’s up to you!

​   -Unknown 

Our experienced team adopts the most rigorous regulatory standards in the market with a strong focus on patient experience and positive healthcare outcomes. Our clinical governance framework reflects the rigor of the Australian Safety and Quality Framework for Health Care and Disability Services Providers. 

 Our Stan​dards  

Our mission is to provide high quality care whilst facilitating the ability of those we care for to lead a fulfilling and positive life. We are compassionate, committed, confident and credible to our patients, their families and each other.

We are proud of being an important part of the local community and contributing years of experience, knowledge, implementing effective systems and providing the highest quality care standards. We share our passion and pride and hope to continue to develop community healthcare in Queensland and other areas of Australia.

Our Mission 

Learning to Overcome Barriers

Our Dream, Our Life, Our Mission.