Regular and adequate respite care means so much to parents who are looking after a very sick child 24 hours a day. It gives them time out with their partners, their other children or simply a chance to catch up with some day-to-day tasks, get much needed rest and recharge knowing that their child is being looked after by people they know and trust.

Carmella’s House is a 6-bed continuous 24/7 respite facility to accommodate demand of much needed respite for parents who are responsible for caring after children with special needs, complex medical conditions and/or disabilities and children who are receiving palliative care. 

The age group cared for is from birth to 16 years old.

There are 4 regular beds, 1 flexible bed and 1 emergency bed.

1:1 care is provided by highly trained clinical support staff under the supervision of a RN during the day and night. The care and activities are planned with parents together to meet the individual needs of each child.

Short breaks at Carmella’s House are a lifeline to families when they are struggling. Up to 28 nights of respite are available to each family per year under the Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centres (CCRC) program. Within certain guidelines, families can choose when they would like to book their visits.

The maximum continuous stay per booking is 10 days, however in the event that family/parents have special circumstances, extended admission could be possible.

Carmella’s House offers fun and diverse daily activities, play opportunities and activities for children using our respite services. 

Specialist Respite